Marketing Automation

If you don’t have marketing automation set up in your business, it’s likely you’re struggling to make sales. Automation is critical to business success in any industry today. In fact, we believe in automation so much, we built Pagano Marketing around it.

This leads us into step four of our Four Step Marketing Method — marketing automation. In step one you developed your USP, in step two you developed your offers, platforms, and drip marketing campaign. You built a solid marketing arsenal in step three, and now in step four you’re going to automate your follow up campaigns so you build a base of raving fan customers practically on autopilot.

Two Types Of Automation

Marketing automation comes down to two different types:

  1. A To Z PROSPECT Follow Up – You guide them through the buying process until they make a purchase and become customers.
  2. CUSTOMER Follow Up – Once A to Z prospects buy, you automate follow up that converts them into a repeat customer.

It doesn’t matter what kind of follow up you’re automating (emails, text messages, phone calls, direct mail, or anything else), by setting up marketing automation, you ensure that none of your prospects will ever be overlooked or lost in the shuffle.

It’s impossible to sit there all day sending individual messages to each person on your prospect list. With step four of Four Step Marketing, you’ll automate your follow up so you can spend that time wiser — on building your business.

Automation Creates Raving Fans

Having “satisfied” customers is not enough when it comes to business success today. To really bring in the bucks, you need to create raving fans that wouldn’t even think about buying from your competitors.